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Our team at Harbour Town Martial Arts is proud to offer a Family Martial Arts program that allows sons, daughters, siblings, and parents to all train together!

Through our Family Martial Arts classes, we help families forge stronger bonds and learn to embody the tenets of Taekwondo -- values like respect, discipline, and the indomitable spirit! Families from around Noblesville, Cicero, and Westfield have come to us to enjoy an open space where they can train together with confidence, developing closer ties and gaining real benefits from Taekwondo training.

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Why Choose Family Martial Arts?

Through our Family Martial Arts classes, you'll be able to bond with your kids or siblings in a fun, healthy way! Parents love having the opportunity to be role models for their children, both on and off the mats, and kids get to spend time with parents in a unique, structured way.

Learning Taekwondo at Harbour Town Martial Arts is also a great way for parents to show interest in their child's activities and to help bring the teachings of Taekwondo home -- help your child really learn to understand perseverance and respect by practicing these values at home as well as in the dojo. It all starts right here in Noblesville!

Family Martial Arts classes offer:
  • A unique and exciting bonding activity
  • Simplified class scheduling
  • Forging stronger bonds with your family
  • A deeper understanding of Taekwondo's values

When you train with us at Harbour Town Martial Arts, you get the full experience of Taekwondo. Build your fitness, learn self-defense, and enjoy your training alongside the people who matter most -- our Family Martial Arts classes will help you take advantage of all these things as you connect with other community members from around Noblesville, Cicero, and Westfield.

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Families that kick together stick together, and our mission at Harbour Town Martial Arts is to help families from across Noblesville become stronger than ever! Create unbreakable family bonds through Taekwondo... it all starts with your first class!

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